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SGSPTA Ltd Mock Tests - Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully as they form the basis of your contract with SGSPTA Ltd. All test bookings are sold subject to availability and to these Terms and Conditions. Registering and booking test sessions via this website constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

you’ means the parent/guardian of a child eligible to take the 11+ exams from September 2020.

your child’ means the child who you book into a mock test session and who was born between 1 September 2009 and 31 August 2010. 

SGSPTA Ltd’ is the organisation managing the mock tests on behalf of the Sutton Grammar School Parent Teachers Association.


The booking process

·      You must register your details including an email address on the www.sgsptamocktests.com website in order to book a place for your child on an SGSPTA Ltd mock test session.

·      The email address that you use to register on the www.sgsptamocktests.com website will be the only means by which SGSPTA Ltd will correspond with you. Please ensure that you check your inbox and junk mail regularly to ensure you do not miss any emails about the mock tests. SGSPTA Ltd cannot be held responsible for any missed communications.

·      You will only be able to book a place for your child at a SGSPTA Ltd mock test session via the www.sgsptamocktests.com website.

·      SGSPTA Ltd cannot be held responsible for any problems you may have accessing the website or booking a place on a test session. 

·      The answers to the Frequently Asked Questions that will appear as part of the booking process form part of these Terms and Conditions.


Children with medical and/or educational needs

·       If your child has a medical condition or educational need, you must notify SGSPTA Ltd when booking their test session(s) by completing the box on the booking form detailing how your child may need support on the test day. You must also reply promptly to any emails that SGSPTA Ltd send you to follow up on your child's needs. Any subsequent changes in circumstances must be notified to us by emailing mocktests@sgspta.combefore the day of the test session. 

·       SGSPTA Ltd may not be able to offer some adjustments that your child may be in entitled to in the real test. For example, SGSPTA Ltd do not offer extra time or scribes.


Cancellations and refunds

·       Once made, bookings are non-transferable, and you will not be able to change the date or time of your child’s mock test session. 

·       You can cancel your booking and receive a refund, minus a £20 administration fee per session cancelled, provided the place is rebooked by another parent. Both of these transactions must be completed by no later than two weeks before the date of the test session. You must email mocktests@sgspta.com if you want to cancel your booking.

·       To date, SGSPTA Ltd has never had to cancel a test session. However, we reserve the right to cancel a test session and in this event our liability will be limited to the amount that you have paid us for the cancelled session. We exclude liability for damages for any claims in law including contract, negligence, tort, statute or otherwise.

On the test day

·       If you arrive late, your child will not be admitted to the exam hall and no refund will be given.

·       For health and safety reasons, you must remain with your child in the queue until a member of the SGSPTA Ltd team has checked your child into the exam. Children arriving without an adult will not be admitted to the test session.

·       You will say goodbye to your child at the entrance to the exam building and your child will be directed in to the exam hall by the SGSPTA Ltd team.

·       Your child may bring a water bottle into the mock test session but no food is permitted under any circumstances unless, because of medical reasons, you have previously agreed this with SGSPTA Ltd.

·       SGSPTA Ltd do not allow watches of any kind in the exam hall. 

·       You must return to collect your child promptly at the end of the test session. 


Scores and feedback on performance

·       Your child is not allowed to take away any of the Maths (multiple choice / booklet) or English (multiple choice) question papers from the mock test sessions.

·       Once marked and standardised, scores and feedback from the mock tests will be posted on the www.sgsptamocktests.com website after the last session of each test.

·       The results of your child’s mock test should be considered as a reflection of how your child coped with the papers on the day and not as an indication of how your child will perform in the real exams. SGSPTA Ltd cannot be held responsible for any difference between your child’s performance in their mock tests and the real 11+ exams. 



Approved by SGSPTA LTD Board of Trustees – November 2019


The Sutton Grammar School PTA Mock Tests are run by SGSPTA Limited.

SGSPTA Limited is a registered company, no. 06438795 and a registered charity, no. 1168281.